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When someone is shouting at you, what’s your reaction?

When someone is shouting at you, what’s your reaction? Well, one of the greatest lessons I recently learned from my son.

We recently installed a new printer in our office. Since we use iOS, compatibility with Apple was crucial. We explicitly asked the vendor before purchasing, and he assured us it was compatible.

When the installer arrived, it became evident that he didn’t know how to work with iOS. He was also impatient and rude. I calmly reminded him of the importance of compatibility, but he continued to lose patience, raising his voice. Despite my attempts to defuse the situation, he kept shouting. I told him to calm down and not shout, but he didn’t listen, and he kept shouting. Realizing it was futile, I asked him to leave, and he picked up his bag and stormed out angrily.

The story ended and I went back to my work.

Later that day, I went to pick up my son from swimming classes. Recently, I realized that he doesn’t share much and doesn’t really talk about his day( preteen phase, I guess), so we made a new practice of sharing everything that has happened during the day.

So while I was driving him back from school, I narrated the incident that had happened in the morning.

So I asked him, “What would he have done in a similar situation?”

He said, “Mom, I think I would have done the same and would have asked him to leave the office. It’s not nice that he was shouting even though you were being very compassionate to him.”

I continued talking and told him, I was very angry at him.

My son immediately interrupted me and said mom,” I would’ve done the same but I wouldn’t have been angry”.

Puzzled, I asked him, Why would you not be angry? He said, “Mom, I find it very funny when somebody is unnecessarily shouting. When somebody can say the same thing in a calm voice, what is the point of shouting? So instead of getting angry, I find it very funny. I was literally quiet and smiling ear to ear 😊

One more valuable lesson my little angel taught me that day.

‘You do not have to be angry. Just because somebody else is shouting. Can I give this a new meaning to a situation like this in the future? Isn’t this one of the biggest life lessons? Situations and things will keep happening to us. What will make a life different is what is the meaning we are giving it to it.’

In absolute gratitude and love in my heart, we headed back home. I knew I learned a very important lesson once again from my Darling angel.

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