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As an airhostess, patience, timeliness and precision were the cornerstones for Monalisa. When she became a mother, not only did she instil those values into her own child, but also her second baby - her venture - Mom I Can. She used her learnings of the Montessori pedagogy to craft a range of instinctive products and blended it with her unadulterated passion for children. Her love for child psychology helps her add an edge to her creations. She believes that learning has no end, and this reflects in her creations. She loves spending time with kids and connecting and interacting with them since they are our best teachers – ever-progressing and always inspiring!


At Mom I Can, we’re creating a new world of learning for children that is more meaningful, engaging and fun. This is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re a company that believes in sowing the seeds of life early on, and when it comes to learning, journeys are much richer than destinations. These are the stories we tell through our wide and vibrant product range.


Mom I Can is a range of activity-based value-kits: crafted for 2-14-year-olds to learn joyfully, and enjoy growing up responsibly. These simple, joyous and child-safe activities fit into any time of the day and help children pick-up essential life lessons. Each kit has thoughtful and handpicked elements with specific roles to play. They help children learn to live in an organised way, where each element in the kit has its own place and space. 


We believe that life is a journey of joyful learning – and the tone for it is set from childhood itself. This philosophy is our driving force as we build a brand for our citizens of tomorrow.

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Building the new takes courage, and we are always willing to keep going beyond our limits and coming up with something that surprises us each time.


Because if we stop being curious about the world around us, how will we build a better world?


It’s at the heart of everything we think, do and create at Mom I Can. We work with integrity and shape our products with integrity.


Our products reflect and spread happiness because they are made with happiness. So it’s simple: either we do it with joy, or not do it at all.


Making a child’s play product is anything but child's play. We understand the responsibility that parents entrust us with and do our best to live up to it.


We’re a home-grown brand where every piece is crafted out of the experience of a mother with her growing child. That is why while each product spurs your child’s imagination, it also comes with a sense of deep practicality. We know what is convenient, safe and user-friendly for a growing child and have built our products based on actual research. Choose us because we are a blend of ease and compassion, just what you want for your child.


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