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Have you ever hugged a tree?

hugged a tree

Have you ever hugged a tree?

Recently, we embarked on a nature exploration workshop filled with wonders! In which we painted gratitude stones, crafted our own plantable Ganesha, played with the mud, explored bugs (most of the bugs, we knew existed but probably never experienced), walked on the grass barefoot (grounding ), made some nature frames using the twigs, leaves, and branches we collected. 

Well for me the most fascinating experience was the experience of hugging the trees. And this is what happened.

I told our little explorers to drop their nature baskets and told them, that we would hug trees today.

Puzzled they ask , “Hug a tree’? Aunty we have never hugged a tree? Why would we?

After a brief conversation, I told them, ‘Let’s first experience it.’

I told them I would keep my eyes open to look for any bugs but they should just hug the tree and listen to what the tree is saying.

By now they were so much in sync with nature that it didn’t matter to them if their hands were dirty or if they had bugs around 

So we all went and started hugging the trees.

As promised I kept my eyes open.

One girl opened her eyes. She clearly had a spark in her eyes.

She said loudly, “Aunty trees actually talk! With a twinkle in her eyes, she said, Aunty, the tree said, “Thank you for hugging me I was feeling lonely” She kissed the tree and gave me a tight hug.

 Now, whether do trees communicate or not  it depends on what you believe (though there is enough science to support it ).

But the crucial question is, are we allowing our children to fully experience nature and witness the real miracles of life?

Are we contributing in creating an “indoor generation”

These little wonders teach us profound lessons about connection, empathy, and the extraordinary bond between humans and nature. Let’s nurture that connection and let our children discover the magic within the natural world!

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