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Becoming a leader

Do you know who is the best leader, Aditya?

Recently, Aditya had a presentation at school, where they were showcasing their studies in a group.
Parents were invited to visit the exhibition. While the exhibition was on, I observed that there was one child who was presenting the group’s study but not letting others speak.

Even when the other kids tried, he didn’t allow others to speak. Back at home, at the dinner table, I asked Aditya if he observed anything at the presentation today. He said, “Mom that child was not letting other kids speak. I was trying but he was constantly interrupting”.

I asked him, “Do you think it was a group presentation?”
He said “No Mom, it was not. I contributed the most to the presentation but I couldn’t present”

So, I asked him if there was anything different that he or the group could do next time. He quickly said,” I don’t know”.

I quickly realized it was a learning moment and said “Aditya, If you think God has given you a kind heart and a creative brain, it’s your responsibility to protect it. To protect it, you don’t have to be cruel, aggressive, or unkind. All you have to be is lovingly assertive.

The best leader is the one who allows everyone to shine their light not steal others’ light to shine on himself. Next time something like this happens. First, remember your biggest strength – Your loving and kind heart and operate from there.”

Maybe politely interject and say
– Level 1 – your turn is over, it’s my turn now.
– Level 2 – I am not OK with this, it’s my turn now
– Level 3 – This is unfair we all equally contributed, let me speak now
– Level 4 – we will have to speak to the teacher now. This is unacceptable.

As long as you know you are operating from your strength, it will work.
The fact that God has given you a kind heart, it’s your responsibility to protect it.

God will also give you clarity, strength, and compassion to build your place in this world.

Strong doesn’t mean you have to be rude, aggressive, or dominate others. Strong means to listen to your heart, live your light, and let others live theirs

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