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Have you stood by your friend?

stood by your friend

Sometimes our biggest teachers come in teeny-weeny packages.
I am talking about my 11-year-old son.

We recently changed his school. And there is a kid in his class, who is a special child.

So I told him. “Aditya please be extra patient and compassionate towards him. He is going through a lot he has changed his country, his mom is unwell and so much is going on in his family. You be the bigger person, draw your boundaries but be extra compassionate.

One day at the dinner table

Aditya – Mom today kids were making fun of him.

Me – so what did you do?

Aditya – I silently went and stood next to him

Pankaj – my husband jumped into the conversation and said “Why didn’t you say anything to those kids”

Aditya – he calmly looked at Pankaj and said “ Papa they wouldn’t have changed just because I said something. I did what was needed. Silently supported my friend”

With complete silence, we just enjoyed the rest of the meal.

Knowing some great life lessons were shared just now.

Blessed to have him, my family, and these invaluable life lessons 🙏🏻😊

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