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Celebrating Unity in Diversity: India’s Republic Day on 26th January

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NationIndia, a land known for its rich history, diverse cultures, and vibrant traditions, commemorates its Republic Day on 26th January each year. This day holds immense significance in the hearts of every Indian as it marks the adoption of the Constitution of India in 1950, replacing the Government of India Act (1935). Republic Day is not merely a national holiday; it is a celebration of unity, diversity, and the collective spirit that binds this our nation  together.

The Parade and Flag Hoisting:

The highlight of Republic Day celebrations is the grand parade held in the heart of New Delhi, at Rajpath, in front of the President of India. The event showcases the country’s military prowess, cultural diversity, and technological achievements. The ceremonial parade begins with the unfurling of the national flag by the President, accompanied by the singing of the national anthem. The President takes the salute as the Republic Day parade commences, featuring a display of military tanks, artillery, and aircraft and cultural performances by various states and regions.

As Republic Day approaches, why not seize the opportunity to engage in enjoyable craft activities with your family, imparting valuable lessons about our national celebrations? Transforming learning into meaningful and entertaining activities is an excellent way to instill a sense of national pride in the minds of your little ones.

This creative approach not only makes the learning process enjoyable but also helps children understand the significance of Republic Day in a memorable way. Let’s explore some exciting craft ideas that bring families together and educate children about the importance of this patriotic occasion.

1. National Flag Pencil

Things needed;

  • Felt sheets – saffron, white, green
  • Needle and thread
  • Blue bead/cut-out

Step 1. Collect all the supplies

raw materials for national flag pencil

Step 2. Cut three strips of felt – saffron, white and green

flag strips for green orange and white colours

Also, cut a white rectangle piece for the base of the flag.

Step3. Start stitching the strips one by one on the white rectangle, starting with saffron on the top.

Then white

And then green

Now fold the flag in half and start sealing the sides using a blanket stitch. Use a pencil as a guide. Start stitching leaving some space for the pencil to be inserted later.

And it’s ready to be used

national flag pencil

Display your flag with a lot of pride.

2. Flag Keychain

Supplies – felt pieces in 3 colors, brown sheet, thread and needle, blue button, and keychain loop.

Step 1. Draw three hearts of different sizes on a brown sheet.

This we will use as a guide. Trace the hearts on the felt sheet and then cut the hearts out.

flag keychain 1

The biggest heart will be in the orange/ saffron color, then white, and then green

Step 2. Now stitch any two hearts using a simple stitch

Step 3- Then stitch the next two hearts

Step 4- Sew the blue button in the Center, Attach the key chain loop and its ready.

national flag keychain, flag keychain

Step5- Attach the key chain loop and its ready

Display your flag keychain with pride.

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